Why do homeowners love heißluftfritteuse?


With the health revolution firmly in place and people actively seeking new ways in which they can cook their food to promote healthy living, new technology has evolved to enable us to do so. Recent advancements in technology mean we can now fry foods without coating them in gallons of unhealthy saturated fats, which as we know leads to heart diseasse and blocked arteries.

Les us take a look at the amazing benefits of using this particular cooking equipment.

Cooking with heißluftfritteuse

Traditionally, frying foods was done by dropping them into hot fat, which would usually mean quite a lot of oil was needed. As we know, hot oil is a prime fuel source for fires. Most fires which start in the home usually emanate from the kitchen. Heißluftfritteuse only requires a small spoonful of oil to achieve the same, if not better cooking results, hence lowering safety risks considerably.


Eradication Of smell

Frying food can often be a smelly and messy process. Usually, when you fry, the pungent odor lurks around the house sometimes and can often be off-putting. Heißluftfritteuse often comes with built in fans which reduce odors to a minimum. This means your kitchen stays as fresh as it was when you began cooking.


Heißluftfritteuse is incredibly practical as you can often set the temperature and the cooking duration, put the lid down and let the food cook. Often these fryers have an inbuilt mixing arm which keeps the food turning, so it cooks evenly. This allows you to get on with another task while your food is cooking.


Most heißluftfritteuse can be taken apart into separate pieces and popped into the dishwasher. This makes cleaning away after cooking is an incredibly easy task, as opposed to, say, standing at the sink with your detergent trying to scrub away oily, greasy residue. As these fryers are often self-contained units which cook with a lid on, it’s impossible for fatty to spatter to get out, meaningless for you to clear up and no oil droplets for you to wipe away.



As I outlined before, and you should already know, frying food with a deep fat fryer is not good for you. Some people seem to feel that deep-fried food tastes delicious, but I think your heart would beg to differ! Cooking with a heißluftfritteuse uses 100 times less oil than traditional means. This only equates to one thing, healthy eating, and a healthier lifestyle. The more care you take to monitor and restrict the bad foods you eat the longer you will possibly live. It can’t be a bad thing, can it?…