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Farnear Focus on the Future

Farnear Crew

It was a blustery spring day for the Farnear Focus on the Future Sale at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds, Dubuque, on Saturday, May 11th. With the large attendance and the spirited bidding all day long, it very apparent that the demand for high genomic cattle from proven cow families is still remarkably strong. The sale averaged $15,470 on 112 lots and was hosted by the Simon and Rauen families and managed by Courtney Sales LLC.

Topping the sale at $185,000 was Lot 55, Farnear-TBR-BH Case Caite-ET, a March '13 Massey at +2505 GTPI out of Larcrest Case VG-86 GTPI +2369, the #6 GTPI cow of the breed. Caite is the #1 GTPI calf in North America by a daughter proven sire and she also has great Canadian numbers of +3280 GLPI & 3470 DGV. She was purchased by Alta Genetics.

Lot 28, Farnear-TBR-BH Vickie-ET, a November '12 Supersire at +2527 GTPI out of Vision-Gen Sh Sho A1207-ET VG-87 GTPI +2204 from the Chief Adeens sold for $121,000. She was purchaed by Select Genetics of Indiana. One of several maternal sisters that sold on the day, Vickie also carried high type numbers of +3.77T & 3.07UDC. Two full sisters sold for $81,000 and $65,000 respectively.

Also selling for six figures on the day was Lot 75, Farnear-TBR-BH Fantasy-ET, a March '13 McCutchen at +2521 GTPI +3.13T out of Opsal Planet Fame-ET VG-86, then five EX dams. Fantasy sold for $109,000 to Dennis Caudil of Indiana.

Roughway Holsteins Dispersal


Sales Staff: L-R: Dan Mayer, Jim Vierhout, Doug Lyons, Perry Phend;
in the box: Scott Courtney and Brian Behnke

The complete dispersal of Roughway Holsteins owned by Larry Finch was held in Castalia on Friday, April 5, 2013. Larry has bred or developed 147 EX cows with a current BAA of 114. He has always milked 100% Registered Holsteins. Courtney Sales, LLC managed the sale with an average of $1874 on 44 lots. The high selling animal at $4,200 was Lot 14, Roughway Molly Braxton. She is a December Braxton calf out of Mohrfield Leduc Maui EX-92-3E backed by 7 EX and one VG dam. Second high seller at $3400 was Lot 8, Roughway Beauty Aspen VG-86, an Aspen daughter out of Crescentmead Gibson Britney EX-91-2E with over 120,000 lbs milk lifetime. The next dam is Crescentmead Fred Beauty EX-92-3E with over 140,000 lbs milk.

2013 Iowa Spring Sale

It was a spectacular Iowa State Holstein Sale on March 16 in West Union with 81 lots averaging $5,040.

A First Choice Female and a First Choice Male from transfers by Doorman, Predestine, or Supersire x Ms Alexis Ashton-Red-ET *PO were the top 2 selling lots at $50,000 each at the Iowa State Holstein Sale. The 3rd dam is KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET. Blake Hansen, Hudson, IA, was the consignor, and Elite Dairy Genomics, Chebanse, IL, purchased both choices.

Thanks to our consignors, buyers and sale management, Courtney Sales, LLC and their sale staff for another outstanding Iowa Spring Sale!

top seller

Mormann Cosmo Gabby-ET $34,000
This +2449 GTPI O-Cosmopolitian daughter of Vision-Gen SH Frd A12304-ET was the 3rd high seller. Consignor - Elite Dairy Genomics, Chebanse, IL; Buyer - Oakfield Corners Dairy, Oakfield, NY. L to R: Bill Rauen and Scott Culbertson - sales staff, Andy Dougherty - leadsman, Tim Rauen, Ron Roskoph and Jim Vierhout - sales staff; in the box: Roger Turner, pedigrees and Scott Courtney, auctioneer and sale manager

4th high

Kerndtway McCutchen Dayo-ET $18,500
This December 2012 +2415 GTPI McCutchen daughter of Golden-Oaks Obsrvr Dixie-ET from the Dime family was the 4th high seller. She was consigned by Mark Kerndt, Waukon, IA, and purchased by Sexing Technologies, Navasota,TX. L to R: Bill Rauen and Tim Rauen - sales staff, Andy Dougherty - leadsman, Ron Roskoph and Jim Vierhout - sales staff; in the box: Roger Turner, pedigrees and Scott Courtney, auctioneer and sale manager

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2013 Iowa Convention Sale

2013 Convention Sale

Iowa Convention Sale staff l to r: front row - Scott Courtney, Norm Nabholz, Brian Behnke;
back row - Scott Culbertson, Tim Rauen, Bill Rauen, and Kyle Demmer

The Iowa Convention Sale, managed by Courtney Sales, LLC, averaged $7,712 on 16 live lots with two embryo lots bringing $750 each. The high seller at $31,000 was Lot 2, MS Aderyn Mc Allie-ET *RC. She is a +2420 McCutchen daughter of KHW Super Aderyn-ET and then KHW Goldwyn Aiko-ET then back to Durham Altitude-ET EX-95-2E DOM. She was purchased by Farnear Holsteins, Farley, and consigned by Cross Genetics LLC, Crown Point, IN. Lot 1, first choice of two females: Larcrest Cologne-ET GTPI +2353 and Larcrest Coconut-ET GTPI +2329, Super daughters from Larcrest Crimson-ET EX-91 GMD DOM, was the second high seller. She sold for $20,000 to Oakfield Corners Dairy, Oakfield, NY, and was consigned by Jon Larson, Albert Lea, MN. Third high seller was Lot 6 at $9,400 a second choice Fever from Reserve All-American 5-Year-Old Scientific Gold Dana Rae-ET EX-95. A choice of two September 2013 calves sold to BCD Syndicate, Peosta, and was consigned by Budjon, Kietzman and Woodmansee, Lomira, WI.

2012 Iowa Spring Sale
A beautiful spring day in West Union was the setting for a spectacular Iowa Spring Sale on March 17. It was a record setting day with the highest ever top 2 selling animals (Lot 7 - $68,000 and Lot 8 - $48,000) in the Iowa Spring Sale. Ironically, the top 3 sellers were all Shamrock daughters on St. Patrick's Day. The sale averaged $4,987 on 82 lots. Thanks to our consignors, buyers and sale management for another excellent Iowa Spring Sale!!

2012 Top

High Seller - Lot 7 Far-R-La Anaheim Angelie-ET $68,000
This +2429GTPI *RC Shamrock daughter from Far-R-La Anaheim Angels-ET was consigned by Simon, Rauen & Demmer of Farley, IA, and purchased by Daisy Farms, Dallas, TX. The contending bidder was Cross Genetics, Springfield, IL.
L to R: Scott Courtney - manager/auctioneer, Paul Trapp - pedigrees, Scott Culbertson - sales staff, Jeremy Schafer - auctioneer, Jim Vierhout - sales staff, Blake Courtney - leadsman, Bill Rauen - co-manager/consignor


KHW Shamrock Aralyn-ET $48,000
Another *RC Shamrock daughter with a GTPI +2407 out of KHW Goldwyn Aiko-ET was the second high seller. She was consigned by High Altitude Genetics, Platteville, WI, and was purchased by Cross Genetics, LLC, Springfield, IL. The contending bidder was Frosty-Rock Holsteins of Cascade, IA.
L to R: Scott Courtney - manager/auctioneer, Paul Trapp - pedigrees,
Katie Stoll - contending bidder, Jeremy Schafer - auctioneer,
Blake Courtney - leadsman, Jim Vierhout - sales staff, Bill Rauen - co-manager

3rd High

Lot 2 Butlerview Shamrock Jeve-ET $25,000
Out of Coyne-Farms Freddi Jeven-ET, this +2402 GTPI Shamrock daughter was consigned by Jeff Butler, Springfield, IL, and purchased by Daisy Farms, Dallas, TX.
L to R: Paul Trapp - pedigrees, Jeremy Schafer - auctioneer, Blake Courtney - leadsman, Jim Vierhout - sales staff, Bill Rauen - co-manager
, Scott Courtney - manager/auctioneer

4th high

Lot 1 Ms Alexis Augusta-Red-ET $20,000
A Colt P daughter of Ms Apples Alexis was consigned by Apple Partners, LLC, Durango, IA, and was purchased by Frosty-Rock Holsteins, Cascade, IA
L to R: Paul Trapp - pedigrees, Katie Stoll - buyer, Jeremy Schafer - auctioneer,
Blake Courtney - leadsman, Jim Vierhout - sales staff,
Scott Courtney - manager/auctioneer, Bill Rauen - co-manager

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2012 Iowa Convention Sale

sales staff

2012 Iowa Convention Sale
The Iowa Convention Sale, managed by Courtney Sales, LLC, averaged $12,236
on fourteen live lots! It was held on February 24 in conjunction with the
Iowa Holstein Convention in Decorah. Sales staff l to r: Brian Behnke,
Jim Vierhout, Norm Nabholz, Scott Courtney and Bill Rauen.

Springfest 2011


Hendel Bowser Mercy 3210-ET $8,300
(L-R): Iowa Holstein Princess Abby Costello, Scott Culbertson, Joe Gibbs, Les Terpstra, Scott Stempfle on the halter, Larry & Jane Madren - sale hosts; In the box: Mike Snyder - pedigrees, Scott Courtney (hidden) - sale manager, and Tom Morris - auctioneer.
Photo by Katie DeBruin/Holstein World

On Saturday, April 30, West Union was the site for Springfest 2011, hosted by Madren Holsteins, Larry & Jane Madren. They offered an outstanding deep-pedigreed group of heifers and cows along with several guest consignments of picks, show heifers and high quality young cows that sold well. The sale was managed by Courtney Sales, LLC, Scott and Amy Courtney.

Topping the sale at $8,300 was Hendel Bowser Mercy 3210-ET. Sired by Bowser, she has a GTPI of +2173 and is from the popular Miami family at Hendel Farms, Caledonia, MN. She was purchased by Rock-Hill Farms, Dexter, NM.

KY-Blue Frisbee fresh in March was the second high seller at $5,200. This Jordan-Red senior three-year-old was consigned by Douglas Wiley of Thornton, IN, and was purchased by Travis Ullmer of Seymour, IN.

Other high selling animals included Quality-Ridge Gold Madonna, a Goldwyn senior two-year-old consigned by Rick Henderson of Coggon and purchased by Kevin Harbaugh of Guttenberg for $5,000.

Also selling for $5,000 was Marshall Mac Jenna consigned by Markwell Holsteins of Lynden, WA. This May 2009 Mac daughter is from the Bstar Raven family. She was purchased by James and Michelle Woodard of Winona, MN.

A first choice Goldwyn due in June from Ms Regancrest LJ Daphne consigned by GeAnna Coons, Monticello, sold for $4,300. Daphne was the Reserve Grand Champion Female at the 2010 Iowa Holstein Show.

Selling for $4,000 was a first choice Atwood from Gibbs Spirte Fiesta due in September. She was consigned by Lincoln Gibbs, Epworth.

A Red Debonair senior calf from Grace-Red, Jerland-SH Giventake-Red-ET sold for $4,000 and was consigned by Deronda Holsteins.

2011 Iowa Spring Sale

A record-breaking Iowa Spring Sale was held on March 19 in West Union, Iowa with 67 lots averaging $5,069. Several records were broken including the highest ever sale average, highest top sellers and the highest number of out-of-state and foreign buyers. Thank you to everyone who helped make this sale a success. Also, thank you to Sale Chair Doug Lyons and to the Sale Coordinators, Scott Courtney and Bill and Tim Rauen. Most importantly, thank you to all of the consignors and buyers who made this another excellent Iowa Spring Sale.


Top Seller at the 2011 Iowa Spring Sale - Regancrest Domain Shana-ET - $37,000
She is a September 2010 Domain heifer with GTPI+2254 tracing back to Dellia EX-95-2E. She was purchased by Barry and Diane England, Williamsburg, PA and Regancrest Farm, Waukon. (L-R): Bill Rauen, sale coordinator; Gary Estes, auctioneer; Frank Regan & Sheri Danhof, consignors and buyers with Barry & Diane England, Paul Trapp, pedigrees; Matt Henkes at the halter, Les Terpstra, ringman; Scott Courtney and Tim Rauen, sale coordinators; Doug Lyons, sale committee chair

2nd High 2011
De-Su 267-ET $24,000
An August 2010 Domain daughter with a +2229 GTPI from Sully Shottle May-Tw sold to Rick & Tom Simon and Mark Butz. She was consigned by De-Su Holsteins, New Albin.
(L-R): Bill Rauen, sale coordinator; Doug Lyons, sale committee chair; Paul Trapp, pedigrees; Matt Henkes at the halter, Tim Rauen, sale coordinator; Gary Estes, auctioneer; Scott Courtney, sale coordinator

3rd High

1st Choice Shamrock Female $24,000
From KHW Goldwyn Aiko-ET, a maternal sister to Apple. She was consigned by High Altitude Syndicate and purchased by World Wide Sires - Germany.
(L-R): Doug Lyons, sale committee chair; Gary Estes, auctioneer; Paul Trapp, pedigrees; Scott Courtney, sale coordinator, Dr. Hermann Niermann, representative of World Wide Sires Germany; Tim Rauen, sale coordinator

Regancrest & Barry & Diane England, Waukon
Regancrest Domain Shana ET (9-10)..........................................$37,000
Sire - Ronelee Toystory Domain-ET
Regancrest Farm, Waukon
Rick & Tom Simon & Mark Butz, Farley
De-Su 267-ET (8-10).........................................................................24,000
Sire - Ronelee Toystory Domain-ET
De-Su Holsteins, New Albin
World Wide Sires - Germany
1st Choice Female from KHW Goldwyn Aiko (11-10)..................24,000
Sire - Ladys-Manor PL Shamrock-ET
High Altitude Syndicate, Platteville, WI
Heritage-E Debbies Danae-ET (9-10)............................................12,000
Sire - Mr Atlees Sht Aftershock-ET
Sarbacker & Evangelo, Fitchburg, WI
Wesselcrest Dom Ainsley-ET (8-10)...............................................11,500
Sire - Ronelee Toystory Domain-ET
Walt, Brent & Jason Wessel, Greeley
1st Choice Female from Grandair Jeeves Beella-ET (10-11).......9,000
Sire - Co-op O-Style Oman Just-ET
Greg & Joel Pagel, Sumner
Matt Hamlett, Arlington
Regancrest-BH S Gabriel-ET (10-10).............................................21,400
Sire - Charlesdale Superstition-ET
Regancrest & Butz-Hill, Waukon
1st Choice Female from Frosty-Rock Dais (9-11)...........................4,200
Sire - Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET
Stoll Farms, Inc., Cascade
Steven O. Wright Boscobel, WI
Larcrest Cool-ETS (10-10)................................................................20,000
Sire - Badger-Bluff Fanny Freddie-ET
Jon Larson, Albert Lea, MN
Trans-America Genetics, Saint-Damase, Quebec
1st Choice Female from Screaming- Vis-R Heaven-ET (8-11)...17,500
Sire - Ladys-Manor PL Shamrock-ET
Rick & Tom Simon, Farley
Elsbernd Dairy LLC, Calmar
Synergy Domain Sully-ET (10-10).....................................................7,500
Sire - Ronelee Toystory Domain-ET
Casey Olson, New London, WI
Rick Sullivan, Hillsboro, WI
Hendel-Vatland Gwn Rue-ET (11-05)...............................................7,000
Sire - Braedale Goldwyn
Scott Courtney, Ridgeway
Rock-Hill Dairy, Dexter, NM
Farnear Brocades Blueeyes (1-10)....................................................5,500
Sire - Farnear-TBR Altaavalon-ET
Rick & Tom Simon, Farley
Morningview Boxer Zani (6-10)..........................................................4,800
Sire - Dream-Prairie Shadow Boxer
Tom Schmitt, Durango
Morningview Super Morgan-ET (7-10)..............................................4,200
Sire - Charlesdale Superstition-ET
Tom Schmitt, Durango
Vanessa & Dominio Wright, Boscobel, WI
Morningview Destry Leeann-ET (9-10............................................. 5,100
Sire - Scientific Destry-ET
Tom Schmitt, Durango
Gary Nichols, Mt. Hope, WI
1st Choice Female from Flo-An Metro Carmel (1-11 or 2-11)........7,500
Sire - Wilcoxview Jasper-ET or Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET
Reuter Dairy, Inc., Peosta
Daniel Ziegler, Belleville, WI
Wyn-K Goldwyn Kristi-ET (2-09)........................................................3,800
Sire - Braedale Goldwyn
Kevin Wynja, Orange City
Ken Wesenberg, Hawkeye
1st Choice Female from Regancrest-BH TS Dalla-ET(11-11)......3,700
Sire - Ladys-Manor PL Shamrock-ET
Wilson Martin, Memphis, MO

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2010 Iowa Spring Sale
The 2010 Iowa Spring Sale was held March 20 at the Fayette County Fairgrounds, West Union. The sale average on 73 lots was $3,531.51. Topping the sale at $27,000 was the Choice of Larcrest Cascadia-ETS or Larcrest Chaka-ETS born in July 2009 selling with a $10,000 bull contract to Alta. These Alexander daughters are from the #1 CTPI Cow in the breed, Larcrest Cosmopolitan. The choice was purchased by Jeff Butler and Frank and Deann Borba, Chebanse, IL, and was consigned by Jon Larson, Albert Lea, MN. Click here for a complete list of buyers.

top seller

Farnear Brocades P Bella $23,000
L to R: Representing the buyers is Paul Trapp, ringman; Winneshiek County Dairy Princess Carly Lyons; Tom Simon, consignor; Tim Rauen, sale manager; Doug Lyons, Iowa Holstein Sale Committee Chair; Bill Rauen, sale manager; Katie Stoll; Anna Troester, Iowa Holstein Princess. In the back are Roger Turner, pedigrees; and Gary Estes, auctioneer.

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